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Dont worry. Theres too much to worry about.
Im already fucked, no use for a condom. ♥
Im drawing a blank. ♥
The cast and such. ♥
Just one more dea... I ♥
I cant even keep up. ♥

Rizzo in the box

Things are very different now.

You've got nothing to say.

It's sad when someone you know very well decides to fucking die and go away.

Sup Cutie. About me.
♥ My name is Lindsey. Linz is also an option. ♥ I am sXe. I am not prude. I have my reasons. ♥ Music is my life. ♥ I've been taking vocal lessons for 7 years. ♥ I've been playing guitar for 3 1/2 years. ♥ I play a Gibson Les Paul Studio named Jade Atticus and a Celeberty Ovation named Tom. ♥ I'm vegan. ♥ I live in suburbia hell. ♥ I hate my highschool. With passion. ♥ I can't wait to get out of here.

♥ Music. ♥ Vocal. ♥ Guitar. ♥ Local shows. ♥ Johnny the Homicidal Maniac & Squee. ♥ The Webster. ♥ People who play instruments. Respect. ♥ Ninjas and Pirates!. ♥ Fall. ♥ Dave on a stick. ♥ Well groomed people. ♥ Poetry & good lyrics. ♥ Dave Havok- genius.

♥ People who try to be something they arent. ♥ People who think Dave Havok is intensely hot and thats all they talk about. He is a genius & needs to be respected ♥ My school. & classes for that matter. ♥ Fake stoner accents. ♥ Fall out boy. Sorry kids. ♥ When people scream "yeah!" in a certain tone with a certain mix of words. Its like nails on a chalkboard ♥ Bands with horrid names. Especially when they change them A LOT Every 2 seconds. ♥ Selfish people.

Make me swoon lovelie.

♥ AFI. ♥ Killswitch Engage. ♥ Tiger Army. ♥ Kill Hannah. ♥ Brand New. ♥ The Used. ♥ My Chemical Romance. ♥ Sneaker Pimps. ♥ Brides of destruction. ♥ The 69 Eyes. ♥ The Blood Brothers. ♥ Old A7x. ♥ Underoath. ♥ Arch Enemy. ♥ Plain white Ts. ♥ Thursday. ♥ Something Corperate. ♥ Jimmy Eat World. ♥ Glassjaw. ♥ Nine inch Nails. ♥ The Smiths. ♥ The spill canvas. ♥ Across five aprils. ♥ Old taking back sunday. ♥ Led Zeppelin.

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[22 Sep 2005|09:59pm]
So nothing interesting going on. Mike broke his ankle brakedancing and I laugh at him. HAHAHA. Fucker. Now I wont have to see him tomorrow! Anddd tomorrow is new york. Again. Im trying to convince ronnie to hang with us. Wooooo.Im in soooo much trouble for not packing. im gonna be away the entire weekend.

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[08 Sep 2005|08:39pm]
Hey there...
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